NEXTime Attendance System

In the current economic climate, organizations must able to control their cost in each of their operations. One way in which this can be achieved is by ensuring that employee put in a full day’s work by keeping their times.

The  attendance is recorded using Finger-Print(Bio-tech) reading technology ensuring total elimination of mischief. Staff on time is the modern and secure way to keep track of productivity and proper utilization of your workforce. With the touch of a finger, clocking in and out time id recorded accurately. Since fingerprint is unique, its use results in instant identification eliminating Buddy punching and late coming.

How the Biometric based Fingerprint Identification Works

When an employee places his or her finger on the sensor, fingerprint scanner will scan the finger print and compare to the stored finger print. When the fingerprint is matched, a record of the punch will be added to the database.

Afterwards, the payroll officer can download all the attendance data from the clocking device via Ethernet Interface for processing. The Time and Attendance System can be integrated with other management systems enabling you the control of staff working in shifts, with tight security.

Key Features

  • Automatic Polling of Time Clocks.
  • Automatic processing of time clock data at user specified intervals.
  • Automatic allocation of time clock data to individuals’ shift patterns.
  • Exception processing to take care of PIN clocking.
  • The system caters for absence
  • Processed hour can automatically be fed through to payroll
  • A set of reports and enquiries are available
  • Most shift patterns are supported
  • Comprehensive security system within T & A allows for complete control and audit tracking of all activity within the system.
  • Integration with payroll and Human resource Systems